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Twain River Energy is a Connecticut owned and operated competitive electricity aggregator dedicated to providing a low cost alternative to Connecticut Residents and small businesses. For the last 15 years, our founders have been advising colleagues, friends and families for the best way for them to save money on their energy bills. Finally, we decided that if we wanted to promote those business values that we hold dearest, we should start providing this service ourselves. And our primary business value is quite simply the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you. In Twain River Energy, we believe our best long term outlook is to behave as if we are customers of our own business, which we are. So are our friends, and our families.

Twain River Energy’s goal is to be among the lowest price energy providers in CT. We bring together large numbers of customers, and bring those customers to the supplier that will give us the best terms and prices. Twain River has no exclusive contract with any one energy supplier, so if we are not treated the way we should be, we will bring our business to someone else. We are constantly looking out for your best interests, because those are our best interests, too. We make sure are customers are satisfied with our services, just like what locksmith west seattle does to their customers.

We offer no cash incentives or teaser rates to join now, only to make up those expenses later. Most of our growth is due to word of mouth. AND we will not call you at home, but we will call you back if you have a question.

We do ask you to let your friends, family, and businesses know when we save you money.

There are no fees to sign up, and no fees to leave if you so choose. You will continue to receive one bill from your utility, and you will continue to make one payment. Twain River Energy only collects electricity account information to allow us to bill the utility, and energy usage information so that we can purchase the proper amount of energy for our customers (thereby securing the most stable rates). We do not collect credit card or banking information.

Your Utility incorporates the electricity we supply into your monthly bill. So, you still only receive one electricity bill from your Utility. The difference is, the lowest cost supplier we select for you will be listed as the Electricity Supply under the “Account Summary” section of your bill and the rate will be less than the Standard Offer. You still make just one payment to your utility.

It is our vision to create a competitive residential electricity market in Connecticut that is aimed at driving down the cost of electricity to you, the residential consumer. Whether it is to light your home, heat your water or power your electric vehicle; Twain River Energy wants to make it more affordable to live in and do business in Connecticut.

  • No fees to participate
  • Lower cost
  • No long-term contracts
  • No billing changes

Go to our Enrollment Page and start the simple process of signing up and saving money!

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